2014-12-12~2014-12-14 / 華山會館
語言,本是一個族群想像的疆界,文化的城牆,心靈的居所。生息於台灣千百年的南島族群,由於文化的消圮,語言的死亡,讓族群文化失語的焦慮,大規模地向視覺表達的領域滑動、漫溢與延伸。《語言,我的居所》台灣原住民當代藝術特展,以藝術表現可被視為視覺的語言民族誌的觀點,邀集伊誕‧巴瓦瓦隆Etan Pavavalung,峨冷‧魯魯安Eleng Luluan(安聖惠),林介文Gieh-Wen Lin,達鳳‧旮赫地Tafong Kati,伊命‧瑪法琉Imin Mavaliw,米路‧哈勇Miru Hayung,秦榮輝Arucanglj,杜寒菘Pacake Taugadhu,曾秉芳Lahok Oning等九位當代藝術創作者,呈現語言、視覺藝術與原住民身心安頓的外在與深層內在關係。

”Language, my residence”, Exhibition of Contemporary Taiwan Indigenous Art 

Language is the border of our imagination, the wall of our culture, and the spiritual residence of the tribe. Austronesian people have lived in Taiwan for thousands of years. Face to the fact of disappearance of their culture, the approaching distinction of their languages, Taiwan indigenous artists suffer from enormous cultural aphasia and anxiety. This anxiety is massively occurring, and sliding over to multiple fields of expression, mostly, in visual arts. 

”Language, My Residence,” Taiwan contemporary indigenous art exhibition can be thus considered as an instant linguistic ethnography presented in visual perspective. Etan Pavavalung, Eleng Luluan, Gieh-Wen Lin, Tafong Kati, Imin Mavaliw, Miru Hayung, Arucanglj, Pacake Taugadhu, Lahok Oning , these nine contemporary artists, present here the profound external and internal relationships of their language and their visual arts.

地點:駁二藝術特區P2倉庫 (高雄市鹽埕區大勇路1號)