韓國藝術家 崔旴嵐 Choe U-Ram 【stil laif】靈魂機械鍊金術 個展

展覽日期:2017.06.03 - 09.03
”It breathes. It flickers. It flashes. It whispers.” As if entering into a mysterious space, Choe U Ram’s art work evokes familiarity, like encountering a déjà vu, yet remain unfathomable mechanical organisms. Moving in a slow rhythm, emitting an unusual energy and soft light, Choe’s enigmatic ’Anima Machine’, like an extraordinary myth, sways between a sensation of delight and danger.
”The definition of life is ambiguous. Once a machine starts moving on its own, it seems to take on a new life.” Choe integrates the aesthetic arts, social anthropology and mechanical technology, successfully turning rigid steel into an expression of elegant movement and the warmth of human nature. Its unrestrained beauty, crossed with the fantastical renderings of cosmic creatures, as if formed from an alchemy that has existed since antiquity to the present day, embodies a unique, breathtaking, and compelling allure.
If you have not heard of him, then this time, you will remember his name. Choe U Ram.